Please read terms and conditions before booking any booking made will be subject to these terms and conditions.

Once e-mail is received confirming the booking all payments should be made as specified on booking confirmation.

All bookings are subject to availability and only become firm when the deposit is accepted. The person booking (Party Leader) must be at least 18 years of age and have legal capability to enter into a contract.

Bookings cannot be accepted from parties of young people less than 18 years of age.

Deposit must be made within 48 hrs of booking confirmation, the reservation will be held for that period and if payment is not received by that time the booking will deemed to have lapsed. Non payment of the balance in the time specified will be construed as a cancellation of the contract by you.

You agree to the following:

1. Before departure pay for any breakages or damage caused by you to the property or its facilities.
2. Reasonable care of the property and leave it clean and tidy at the end of the holiday.
3. To inform of any problem that may occur and allow reasonable access.
4. The maximum number of persons is as stated and not be exceeded.
5. Not to do anything that may become a nuisance to neighbouring accommodation.

Pets are allowed only by agreement and will be charged as specified. They must not be left alone in the property and are not allowed on beds or soft furnishings and have their own beds and can only be allowed on the tiled floors.

If you wish to cancel you must advise by telephone and email as soon as possible, if you cancel within 60 days of your arrival date and a replacement letting is not obtained, then any payment made will be retained, or if the property is let for less than the original cost due to a short notice fulfilment, the difference will be retained and the remaining amount refunded. 

You are advised to take out travel insurance to cover any costs.

If bookings have to be changed or cancelled the party leader will be contacted by telephone and if an alternative is not available then any payments made will be refunded.

There is no vat chargeable on the rental price.

Every effort to indicate possible hazards will be in the property description and it is your responsibility to check the layout and have a planned route to exit the property in the case of emergencies.

Regular country smells and noises are not cause for complaint. If you have a complaint regarding the property you must inform as soon as possible. If you are unhappy with the response you must notify in writing within 7 days of the end of your holiday.

Privacy Policy
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